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Media training workshops! One-on-one training! Crisis Management!


  • Workshops/Seminars - In larger or more intimate group sizes, FDI engineers workshops particular to the needs of the clients. The workshops target a range of media training dimensions, but are created through one of FDI's teaching models.


  • Retainer services - While some teams chose a one-time seminar, FDI provides the option to have follow-up sessions with the client. FDI will then be on retainer as a media training consultant. The follow up sessions are highly recommended since one-time seminars seldom reflect the ultimate material retention.


  • Newsletter - The Media Moment is a monthly newsletter which targets current issues dealing with professional athletes and the media that cover them. The two-page newsletter reveals highlights and lowlights, commentaries and photos associated with the interaction between both groups. The Media Moment newsletter is recommended to all FDI clients.


  • Individual Training - FDI provides individual media training for athletes who need more comprehensive and private fine tuning. The terms of the working arrangement between FDI and the athlete are private and solely reflective of the needs of the athlete. FDI works with the athlete on a one-on-one basis.


  • Crisis Management - Crisis Management Protocol is also a key service. Unfortunately, athletes do find themselves in sticky situations and FDI provides a media training outlook that targets these particular situations. Please note, the Crisis Management Protocol is a media training contract between the individual client (in most cases the player) and FDI. It is geared toward seeking the best interest of the athlete. 



All fees are industry standard and negotiated privately between FDI and each client. Listed below are some of the parameters associated with FDI's fees. Please note, FDI rates are confidential.


One Time Costs Seminar/Workshops - one time based fee. Once terms of the contract are aggreed upon in writing - commonly through an email statement - client is provided an invoice which states the terms and rates of the workshop. This is a one-time aggreement.


Standard Industry Rates Retainers - this is also an agreed upon flat rate, for services over a pre-determined period of time. Note, retainer fees routinely are paid over a period of installments, commonly half up front, half at the end of the term.


Newsletter - The Media Moment is a separate service provided and carries its own fee structure.


Crisis Management Protocol - Crisis Management Protocols involve a unique arrangement between client and FDI. It is FDI's most expensive service, but it is the most crucial. Individual clients sign a contract with FDI and undertake the sole responsibility of fullfilling that financial agreement. In Crisis Managment a minimum of half the contract fee is expected up front.

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