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Grizzlies, Magic benefit from FDI workshops.

 A spirited debate about the dangers of social media highlighted FDI's inaugural media training workshop with the Memphis Grizzlies, weeks before the start of the regular season. "Overall, my teammates and I learned alot when we were Roger,' point guard Mike Connelly said. "It was a fun and entertaining presentation."


The NBA team is the newest client for the Tampa-based media training firm run by former award winning sports writer Roger Mills. Mills, who spent 13 years with the St.Petersburg Times, covering the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball, conducts a series of workshops geared toward helping professional athletes build positive images in the media.


"Athletes today are faced with so many media requirements and variables that it is critical for them to be prepared for them," Mills said. "FDI's goal is to provide comprehensive models that will help the athletes create and maintain a positive public image through the media."


Jason Wallace, Director of Communications and Publications for the Grizzlies stressed that the 40-minute workshop was a valuable experience for the team. "I can honestly say this was one of the best media training sessions I have ever been a part of," Wallace said. "The entire team was engaged throughout, asking questions, chiming in with their own opinions and feedback and even getting into a little debate amongst teammates throughout the session."


The Grizzlies now join the Falcons, Rockets, Magic, Wizards and Buccaneers among current and former clients.


Atlanta Falcons newest FDI client. Flowery Branch, GA


 The Atlanta Falcons have joined the list of pro teams to hire FDI, a Tampa based media consultancy firm, as a source of media training. During the 2012 training camp, FDI delivered an energatic 45-minute seminar to the Falcons, in the company of head coach Mike Smith, as part of the team's committment to improve the media image of its players.


The interactive workshop dealth with issues such as outbursts, Twitter and Facebook and overall acceptance of the athletes control of media imaging. It was conducted in the auditorium of the team's training facility in Flowery Branch, Ga., about 40 mins north of Atlanta.


"In terms of energy, that was one of the better workshops I've been involved in," said FDI consultant Roger Mills. "The athletes really got involved, responded and engaged in discussion that hopefully will resonate through out the season."


The Falcons join a list of other professional teams to use FDI. FDI has provided media training for the Orlando Magic and Houston Rockets for the past four seasons. It has also worked with the Washington Wizards and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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